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5 Sizes Vacuum Storage Bags for Closet Storage, suitcase

5 Sizes Vacuum Storage Bags for Closet Storage, suitcase


Product Details

Product Size:30 x 50 cm/ 40 x 60 cm/ 50 x 70 cm/ 60 x 80 cm/ 80 x 100 cm

Product Weight:


Power Source:

Function:Space Saving

Usage:Clothes, Sweaters and Blankets Storage, Travel Storage

B2B Information

Item No.:VB-211 / VB-206 / VB-207 / VB-210 / VB-227

Package:OPP Bag

Package Size:

Package Weight:


Packing: / Carton

MOQ:3,000 Sets

Lead time:50 Days

Place of Origin:China

CCC CODE:39232990907

| Product Features |

  • Suitable for DR. SAVE vacuum pumps and other brand hand pumps.
  • 70% space saving.
  • Made of durable, puncture resistant, thick flexible plastic. Premium, durable and reusable.
  • Dust-proof, water-proof, anti-insect, anti-bacteria, anti-odor.
  • Essential for household organization: Maximize your storage space and keep your seasonal clothes, sweaters, coats, pillows, bed sheets, blankets, comforters, quilts, towels and stuffed toys dust and odor free with these vacuum bags.
  • Ideal travel solution: Take as many cloths, pillows, blankets as possible for your trip.

| How To Use |

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