[News] Best Food Preservation Solution from Welcome Co., Ltd.

[News] Best Food Preservation Solution from Welcome Co., Ltd.

In the period of staying at home to reduce going out, how to preserve food well and extend the freshness period has become one of the major concerns in everyone's life. Welome Co., Ltd. produces Handheld Bag Sealer and Mini Vacuum Pump, which can help you to seal and vacuum-preserve your food in the easiest way.


Our "DR. SAVE MODSEAL Battery Operated 2-in-1 Bag Sealer" allows you to seal the food in its original packing. Capture the freshness and flavors, keep out the bacteria, prolong the file of your food and reduce plastic bag waste. 

The main advantage of this product is that no matter what bag you seal, it will be 100% air & watertight! 

DR. SAVE MODSEAL uses the patented MICRO-THERMAL technology that uses 2 X AA Alkaline batteries and can generate heat that will reach 130 degrees Celsius in just 3 seconds. It also is equipped with a built-in safe blade to cut and open sealed plastic bags. This ingenious design knows no limits if it comes to sealing any kind of plastic bag. 

( Product Catalog Link - https://bit.ly/3iAhBL2 )


Our other main product, the DR. SAVE UNO Battery Operated Vacuum Pump, can be used with food grade vacuum bags or commercially available vacuum canisters to keep foods fresh. 

DR. SAVE UNO can also be used to store seasonal clothing, pillows, blankets, etc. It not only saves up to 50% space, but also protects your garments against from dust, germs, humidity and mildew with 100% airtight storage. 

This product, winner of the Concours Lepine International Paris, is very easy to use, light and space-saving, making it the perfect assistant for your home. 

( Product Catalog Link - https://bit.ly/2TL2e8K )


Welcome Co., Ltd. was established in 1979 as an inventor, manufacturer and exporter of Household Appliances and Hand Tools that provide people with an easy way on daily life. We hold the patent rights, registered trademarks and a large number of various approvals including ISO 9001, for all of the plastic bag sealers and vacuum pumps.

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